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The End of The Month

So, end of March. This was supposed to be Unbroken Promise Month, a thirty-one day period over which I resolve my outstanding debts for favours I’ve promised and never fulfilled. As I hinted earlier, this didn’t exactly go according to (my admittedly wildly ambitious) plan.

I have novelty issues.

The idea sounded so incredible in my mind. For at least a week and a half, I was sure I would make it. I was working so hard! Things were getting done! Then it all kind of stopped.

At first I wasn’t really sure what went wrong. I didn’t burn out. I didn’t want to “get things done” any less. It felt like the motivation just sort of evaporated. Slowly, and reluctantly, I realized that the novelty of tackling a daunting list of todos (on a deadline! with a plan!) wasn’t enough to carry me through the entire month.

Ultimately, you can’t will a UI update into existence, and a series of blog posts doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

Next steps.

It wasn’t all failure. I did learn a few new tricks to keep myself on-task, and I feel much more capable of tackling side-projects than I did at the end of February. I simply tried to do too much at once.

Most importantly, this month has forced me to take a hard look at my colourful HiTask dashboard, and decide which projects I’m really committed to finishing going forward.

And now, a little wiser, I’ve a better chance of seeing them through.

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