Great Advice about New Year’s Resolutions

I didn’t want to do a post about resolutions this year because I wrote a great one that I still feel strongly about back in April 2010 called Make Every Day New Year’s Eve. But this is still a time when a lot of people do the introspection thing and come up with some goals for the new year, and I’ve read quite a bit about it in my RSS the past week or so.

As a quick thought going into the weekend, here is my favourite quote on resolutions out of everything I’ve read all week, from the mentally incontinent Joe the Peacock:

Here’s a helpful hint: Make your yearly to-do list a bunch of verbs. “Run every day.” “Write a book.”

This is exceptionally good advice. It’s easy to follow, easy to verify, and it will absolutely lead to healthier goals.

For my part, the closest thing I have to a resolution this year is to cut down my poutine intake to once per month. The statement itself isn’t quite dead-simple, but it is still verb-focused. How do your resolutions stack up against this rule?