Chosen Words

I’ve done a lot of writing in my life, but I’ve never written anything quite like this.

The words I’ll speak tomorrow are words that I’ll remember forever. They must be perfect. There’s no room for fluff or big words, clichés or anything else that might be less true in fifty years than it is today. They must be timeless — clear, concise, honest, and true.

The lines must be crafted — tied together, with ideal weight and pause. Combining those deliberate, purposeful words that convey as closely as possible my feelings for her.

It’s a daunting task.

I’ve not spent a single day with her that I don’t want to relive, and knowing we’ll face whatever tomorrow brings as one is more than I could ever ask for.

But how to choose such words?

Well, that’s a silly question. These are words I’ve known all along; all I’ve left to do is write them down.

Written October first, twenty-ten.


I’m Engaged

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