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Back in January I wrote a post about how I’m going to try to update every Monday for the entire year, and keep track of how many weeks work and how many weeks don’t. For the first time all year, I missed a week.

I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy (I have) or because the computer I normally use for blogging won’t boot (it won’t) but the truth is I had a really good post I wanted to write that I didn’t get done, and that’s lame. I’ll have it up in a couple of days, but until then I’ve prepared a list of pretty things for you to look at while you wait.

Last week, a friend of mine asked me what design blogs I currently follow, and here’s what I sent back:

Smashing Magazine — Easily the most popular name on the list. I find they do post a fair bit of noise, but they have some really good stuff every now and then that’s certainly worth following for.

For a Beautiful Web — Probably the best design blog I follow. Lots of interesting stuff, highly recommend.

I Love Typography — This is the only strictly-typography blog that I follow. Gives a very good summary of new and interesting type-related things once/week and a few other misc posts here and there (which are usually pretty interesting).

100 Redesigns — This guy is doing something really cool: every week he picks some ugly looking major website and posts a redesign for it. They’re good designs, and I find them inspiring because redesigning web sites is a valuable skill.

Dustin Curtis — This guy makes a completely new design for every post on his blog, and he’s a totally ace designer. Oh, and his posts are great too.

Jason Santa Maria — This guy has some remarkable credentials and his blog is a great source for interesting design-related ideas (though posts are often few and far between).

Stop Design — Another guy with an awesome design blog that doesn’t update often. He’s a graphic designer that used to work for Google but now works for Twitter, and his website is literally the best-designed website I’ve ever seen. Every time I visit I find something new about it that I totally love.

Colour Lovers — This isn’t really a design blog, but it’s good inspiration for colour palettes, and every once in a while they post a gem of an article about colour theory or how colours are interpreted on a biological level.

The Oatmeal — Ok, so this is clearly a web comic of sorts, but the design of the comics is always top-notch and I learn more from one of these comics than I do from ten self-proclaimed ‘awesome CSS galleries’.

Who do you Follow?

If you follow any great design blogs, I’d love to hear about them; leave your own list in the comments.