Gone Skatin’

Gone Skatin'

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P.S. If anyone’s looking for CES coverage, here’s what I’ve got:

The big news of the day is that RIM announced a new version of its Playbook OS. Looks good. Coming in Feburary.

I was led to believe (along with half the rest of the internet) that Microsoft would announce a new XBox at their keynote. Apparently this did not occur. And apparently Ballmer’s final keynote was a bit of a let down. Still, the Metro update was neat.

There are also a ton of cool-looking devices being thrown around. Nokia and Samsung did pretty well, and I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Vizio.

Finally, here are some interesting people to follow if you’re looking for CES news for the rest of the week:

On Twitter, I’d recommend @miguelcarrasco for steady updates, and Mashable’s @film_girl if you want to completely drown in techie minutiae.

If Google+ is more your thing, you should circle +Mohamed Mansour for a whole bunch of reasons, useful CES highlights notwithstanding. Also, +David Bates is on location, and I’ve been enjoying his coverage thus far.

That’s it! Time to head back to the rink.