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Ottawa High School Technology Program Winter 2010 Wrap-up

As some of you may recall, I volunteer with the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation in a program that aims to teach high school students how to develop real, working software. I’ve mentioned this before (in fact, I have an entire page dedicated to what I do with OCRI), but I haven’t really been blogging about it much (read: at all) this semester.

Fortunately, my co-mentor for the past twelve weeks has. I present to you:

I’m not sure why I didn’t even check in once over the course of three months, but I’ll try to actively post about it next time around. This is something I like to talk about.

Finally, this season’s program ended last night with the annual showcase. This event allows students to demonstrate their final product, (hopefully) running on a real XO Laptop, to friends, family, mentors such as myself, students from other schools, and various representatives from OCRI. It was a fun time, and as always, the ability of students that are often being exposed programming for the first time to crank out creative, engaging applications is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t be more proud of the students I’ve worked with and the software we’ve created.

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