Later today I shall board a plane bound for Europe.

I won’t be back for a full three weeks. But fear not! While I’m out gallivanting about, amidst fine architecture and breathtaking scenery, you will not be left without updates.

Introducing Classics Week(s)

It occurred to me that this blog has been around for a couple of years now, and not all of you were here in the beginning. You’ve probably missed some great posts!

This is unacceptable, and I’ve devised a solution:

Every Monday for the next three weeks, this blog will feature a re-run of a classic post from the early days of its existence.

I’ve selected three of my favourites and given them a quick sprucing-up. I tried to choose a matching set of posts; the goal was to reflect the general content of the blog. In any event, you’ll have something nice to read, and that’s what counts.

The only internet-capable device that will be near my person for the duration of this adventure will be the wife’s iPod Touch, so I’m not expecting to check my mail very often. I’ll also be slow at approving and replying to comments, and you won’t see much of me in my other haunts.

This does not mean you should avoid emailing me and posting interesting tweets. Quite the contrary! I look forward to conquering a content mountain upon my return. Heaping piles of hypertext and prose!

Like a little ASCII version of the alps :)

See you in mid-October!

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